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Announcing the publishing of my newest book:  Before There Were Words:  Energetic Meanings of Runes, published by Synclectic Media.

Books cost $16.95

Learn the keys to unlocking the energetic messages contained in the ancient tools of wisdom called the Runes.  Now available on Amazon, in paperback or Kindle versions , from Synclectic Media or from me.    Wooden  Rune sets made of sacred woods like willow, sweet  laurel or cedar are also available for only $10 per set.


Another of my books:

Sky Eyes,
Dissociative Identity Disorder from the bottom up.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder is a brilliant defense mechanism whereby a child literally separates her sense of self into separate personalities in order to handle abuse and other experiences that are well beyond her ability to understand.

Read Sky Eyes and discover how and why a child named Stacy decided to create over 200 inner personalities.

Rising Spirals Reiki

What people are saying about Rising Spirals Reiki:

"I had a profound healing experience in this supportive workshop while also learning this beautiful healing method of  (Karuna) Reiki." (06/03/12)

A Reiki I student commented, in response to the question, "Was this class valuable to you as a practitioner?"

"Yes, especially to other doctors as Reiki would and could be a very effective and cost effective method for people to experience immediate results. I will personally use it in my practice for overstimulated symptoms, nervous symptoms and stress-induced symptoms."

"Very enlightening--great to hear history and basics of Chakras.  Best part was the actual hands-on -- both receiving and experiencing others receive (Reiki)."

"An excellent way to learn & experience energy work."

"Remarkable!  I was not sure what to expect, and what I got was a renewed sense of voice, and its connection (to) everyone and everything."

Testimonial: "I took my level 1 Reiki training from Kriss and was very impressed by her knowledge, love, and ethics. She made everyone feel very safe as we were doing intense energetic and emotional work. I came away feeling passionate and ready to help heal the world! 

She is a lovely person and I highly recommend her classes." 

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

"She made everyone feel very safe as we were doing intense energetic and emotional work. 
I came away feeling passionate and ready to help heal the world! 
She is a lovely person and I highly recommend her classes." 

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

According to, Reiki is an effective complimentary 


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Reiki Blog

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This Site is Dedicated to Reiki, Energy Work and Energy Psychoology

Kriss Erickson, owner of Rising Spirals Reiki,  received her Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master training from world-renowned Reiki Master teacher William Lee Rand in 2008, her Karuna (tm) Reiki training from William in 2010, her Atlantean and Crystal Reiki Master training from Geoffrey Keyte in 2009 and 2010 respectively and her Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian (tm) Reiki Master training from Anne DeVore in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  She is also a Level II Acutonics (tm) practitioner and a Certified Counselor in the State of Washington.

Rising Spirals Reiki is an integrative mindset with the intent to balance the heart, mind, soul and physical and energetic body.  It is about reconnections, inner and outer communication and most of all, hope.  Harmonizing the mind and body energetically increases overall well-being.  It is about declaring our intentions to the world and to the Universe that we are whole, healthy, peaceful, calm individuals who lead abundant, happy lives.

According to "Unlocking the Healing Code" by Dr. Bruce Forciea, the body needs 4 kinds of communication in order to heal.  1) Touch 2) Sound 3) Internal 4) Intuitive.

Reiki is an excellent form of TOUCH.  Acutonics, music, gongs, crystal bowls or humming during Reiki sharings provide SOUND vibrations that communicate with the cells.  Naturopaths or holistic practitioners are able to prescribe herbs,  homeopathics, diet advice and other elements to help the cells to heal through nutrition.  Intuitive messages from Ascended Reiki Masters, Spirit Guides, the Universe, Universal archetypes, etc. during Reiki sessions provide the INTUITIVE aspect.

At Rising Spirals Reiki I am able to provide the TOUCH, SOUND and INTUITIVE communicative aspects that cells need to come into balance.

**Review of Rising Spirals Reiki, Reiki I Class:  ""My Reiki 1 Attunement was gentle and powerful"

"Kriss' Reiki 1 class is a gift given with respect for Reiki tradition and honor for each student's experience and understanding. The chakra instruction is vivid and unique. My message is you have everything to gain from attending this class!"


I believe that at conception we are each given the keys to a kingdom—a kingdom that is our life.  Life challenges, both the highs and lows, exist to help us learn to rule our kingdom in a peaceful and balanced way as well as to cooperate with and interact with the kingdoms of others.  Along our path we meet many people and other forces that will try to take the keys to our kingdom.  We may find ourselves in circumstances where we attempt to give up our keys, or seek the combinations to our inner locks from outer sources.  But all this brings is more heartache, until at last we realize that though we must learn to discern those who mean us harm and recognize the many helpful tools available along life’s path, it is we alone who bring the ultimate balance.  We do this by learning from our experiences, until we are able to see clearly enough to choose each moment of each day.

To prepare my kingdom, I earned a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2003 and a Master’s level Certificate of Spiritual Direction.  I completed a professional internship at Compass Health in Snohomish County, WA in 2002 - 3 and am a Reiki Master Teacher.  I received my Reiki Master training in September, 2008 from William Lee Rand and became a Reiki Master teacher in January, 2009.  I earned a Level I/II Practitioner certificate in The Reconnection in November, 2008 and will earn an Acutonics Level I certificate in October of 2009.  I see mental illness as damage to the energetic self and as a lack of connection between the self, the Higher Self and the Universe. As an abuse survivor and a person recovering from dissociative identity disorder, I am especially interested in helping people with dissociative disorders.

At Windwalker Rising Spirals, I am pleased to offer several services.


Reiki Healing Sessions

I offer 60-minute Reiki sessions for the nominal fee of $60.  I also am open to trades.  Reiki utilizes the energetic healing energy of the Universe, combining my intention to help and serve and your intention to heal and balance your life.  Our combined intentions open a channel for Universal healing energy to flow into your body.  In summer months, I can set the massage table in the tranquil, forested area of my yard.  In winter, I offer my dining room area.  I intend to open an office outside my home in the near future.


Reiki With Acutonics (tm)

Acutonics is a healing method that uses tuning forks to help reconnect the cells, nervous system and the energetic system of the body called the Chakra system, to the Universe.  Combining Acutonics with Reiki facilitates the movement of stuck energy that can eventually cause illnesses in the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Reiki with Acutonics is $60 for a 60 minute session.

Reiki with Crystals

Each type of crystal holds a unique frequency that resonates with the Chakras and with the body's organs.  Crystals are placed in patterns on and around the body, beneath the Reiki table and in formations throughout the room.  The frequencies of the crystals support the natural healing patterns of the body/mind/spirit.  I choose crystals by reading the Byosen, or body energy, to determine what frequencies the body needs to create optimal balance.

Reiki with Crystals is $60 per hour.

Reiki Attunement Classes

What is Reiki?

Rei = Universal love
Ki = Life force

Reiki is an energetic modality that has been proven to relax the muscles, slow heart rate, calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure.  Reiki I is hands on Reiki.  Reiki I focuses on healing the physical body.  The ethic in Reiki I is to obtain permission before sharing Reiki with anyone.
Reiki II is distant Reiki.  Reiki II focuses on healing the emotional self and in sending healing energy to any time or space. The ethic in Reiki II is to obtain permission from the Higher Self of the person Reiki is sent to.
Reiki  Master training teaches advanced Reiki techniques such as setting up a crystal grid and teaches students how to give attunements and how to teach Reiki. The word “master” in this case simply means “teacher.”  The ethic in Reiki Master training is to share Reiki knowledge with the world and to teach people about Reiki.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing that is passed from master to student. After a student has been taught the material in each level, the Reiki Master sends sacred Reiki symbols into the student’s Crown Chakra and Hand Chakras.  This aligns the student’s body, mind and spirit with the essence of Reiki. 

I offer Usui Reiki I, II and Master level classes at my home in South Everett.  If you’d like to attend an attunement class, please e-mail me at  I schedule classes once I have three or four students signed up.

Reiki I --FREE
I teach Reiki I classes for free.  The Reiki I class takes about 2 hours for the class material and hands-on Reiki practice.  Reiki I classes are held on weekdays and some weekend and generally begin at 11 AM and go to 1 PM but can be scheduled for other times as well. Students are given a handout showing the Reiki I had positions.  Reiki I manuals are available online if students are led to do more study.  Reiki I training involves learning the history of Reiki, learning about Reiki, learning the hands on positions for Reiki and receiving the Reiki I attunement.

Reiki II-- $100

I teach Reiki II in about two hours as well.  The biggest part of this class is the idea of sending energy.  The Reiki Distant Symbol means “no past, no present, no future.”  The idea of an unlimited source of healing can be a difficult one for students so plenty of time is given for explanation and questions.
How to send Reiki, who or what to send energy to and uses of distant Reiki are discussed.  After that, we practice distant Reiki.
The Reiki II class costs $100, though scholarships are available and I also accept trades.
Reiki II classes are usually held on weekdays between 11 and 1 though weekends can be scheduled.  I provide several handouts for Reiki II classes. Reiki II manuals are available online (many are combined with the Reiki I material) if students feel led to do deeper study.

Reiki Master Training-- $300

Reiki Master training teaches students how to give attunements, how to teach Reiki, how to charge crystals with Reiki energy and how to set up Reiki Crystal grids for continuous healing energy to specific needs.  The main focus of this class is readying students to teach Reiki and share it with the world.
Reiki Master classes take two 6 hour days, usually from 9 AM to 3 PM on a weekday.  A light lunch is provided for Reiki Master classes.
Reiki Master training costs $300, though I sometimes  accept trades.

Karuna (tm) Reiki Master Training  -- $500

Karuna (tm) Reiki adds eight Reiki Symbols plus the Om Symbol.  Usui Reiki through the Master level deals mainly with the energy of the body, helping the cells of the body to remember how to heal.  Karuna (tm) Reiki works with the etheric (emotional and spiritual) body frequencies to correct energy imbalances caused by habits or emotional patterns.

Karuna (tm) Reiki takes three  6-8 hour days and costs $500.

Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian (tm) Reiki Training --  $250

Reiki gradually raises the personal vibration with each level learned.  It is important to follow the path even for enlightened or energetically advanced individuals to give the physical body a chance to adjust to each level of vibration.

Ra-Sheeba teaches the flow of energy and contains many Egyptian-based Symbols to help the body/mind/spirit balance itself. Ra-Sheeba training is available to anyone who has received Karuna Reiki (tm).  Cost for this 2 day class is $250.

Lightarian Reiki: $70 for class materials PLUS $50 for Distant Attunement or $100 per In-person Attunement.

Lightairan (tm) Reiki consists of six levels.  The patron spirit of Lightarian (tm) Reiki is Buddha.  Lightairan (tm) Reiki raises the vibration from about a level 5 or 6 to a 9.99 by the end of the four month training process.  Vibration is raised in four steps, creating a six-petaled lotus blossom in the Heart Chakra.  

Anyone who has received Ra-Sheeba Reiki training may take Lightarian.  If you are able to do distant attunements, the cost for Lightarian is $70 for the class materials plus $50 for EACH attunement.  If you need in person attunements and instruction, the cost is $70 for the class materials plus $100 for EACH of the 6 Lightarian Levels.

ANGEL LINKS AND COSMIC RAYS-- $50 for EACH level for class materials PLUS $50 per distant attunement for EACH LEVEL or $100 per EACH in-person Attunement.

You may wonder, after the Reiki i - Karuna levels, and Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian Levels, what more is out there?  AngelLinks and Lightarian Rays are an excellent path for the continued refining and raising of your frequencies.

AngelLinks come first, and link you to 5 Archangel energies.  Those energy frequencies are:  Seraph Rose Aura, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel.  This is NOT just a refresher course on these angel energies.  This is a deeper, more direct and more precise connection to these angelic frequencies.

Cost for AngelLinks: $50 for class materials plus $50 for EACH DISTANT Attunement, or $100 for EACH In-Person Attunement.

Lightarian Rays:  Lightarian Rays continue to refine your ability to discern and work with Cosmic Frequencies, moving you closer and closer to the Source.

The Six Ray Frequencies that we work with in this level are:  Empowerment Ray, Clearing Ray, Healing Ray, Activation Ray, Manifesting Ray and Source Ray.

Cost for Cosmic Rays:  $50 for class materials PLUS $50 for EACH distant attunement or $100 for EACH in-person attunement with instruction.

**Please Note** 

If you have low blood sugar or need to eat frequently, please be sure to bring healthy, balanced snacks with you to class and please feel free to eat when you need to.  Though light snacks are provided, you are responsible for your own comfort, health and wellbeing.

Reiki Meditations & Meetups

I hold Reiki Meetups at my home twice a month, once on a Saturday evening and once on a Wednesday evening . Check for the S Everett Reiki in the Woods Meetups, for the schedule.
I write a meditation for each Meetup.  Below is a sample Meditation.

Meetup Link:

I have written many meditations for my classes and Reiki Meetups.  Below is a sample meditation that you are free to use, providing you give credit about where the meditation came from.

Reiki Spring Equinox Meditation

The Vernal Equinox is approaching, the time when night and day are nearly equal in length.  The sun is crossing the celestial equator, moving north.  The first day of spring is nearly here.

This is a time of balance.  Balance between night and day.  Balance between light and dark.  This is a time to consider the goals, desires and wishes you would like to achieve or have happen over the coming year.

As we begin this Vernal Equinox meditation, let us focus on our breath.

We shift our breath to deep, lower abdominal breathing by touching our thumb and pointer finger together.  Feel the breath entering through the root, sacral and solar plexus as the deep, cleansing breaths relax us deeply.

As we witness the spring flowers pushing through the earth, we may envision the achieving or completion of our goals in the new season’s bright colors.  This is one way we join with the restorative power of the Universe, by honoring a time for all that is new and all that is possible. 

Let us remember that the power of the Universe brings the changing of the seasons.  Let us open ourselves to the Power of the Universe to break the chains of habits or blindnesses that have hindered our growth.  Let us leap empty handed into that gentle Void, knowing the Power of the Universe will sustain us.

Let us remember that as the seasons are the balance and harmony of the solar year, the Harmony of the Universe flows through the blooming flowers, the unfurling leaves on the trees and bushes, the spouting of seeds and the abundant new life that heralds spring.

Let us remember our own inner balance—the Tower of Light that flows down from the sky through our crown Chakra, through our bodies and into the ground.  Let us remember that the energy of the earth flows up through our root Chakra through our bodies, into the sky.  Let this new season remind us that we are one with the light.  We are one with the seasons.  We are one with the Universe.  We are one with each other.

Let us remember that the love of the Universe is expressed in the bumblebees that pollinate the early spring flowers and in every change that we name ‘spring.’  As we bask in the Tower of Light, let us follow the Power, Love, Harmony and Balance that are expressions of the Universe.

As we greet this new season with grace, gentleness and happiness, let us drink in the abundance and promise that spring holds.  Let us begin to return to the present by touching all the tips of the fingers together.  Feel how the breath shifts to the ribcage.  Feel the breath as it enters through the solar plexus Chakra and invigorates the organs.

I ask the Ascended Healing masters to join us in our meditation and in the Reiki practice to follow.  I call upon Usui and Takata, Hayashi, Yamaguchi and Iris.  I call my Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides of all who have come here to be with us as well.  If anyone would like to invite spirit guides, please do so now.

As we prepare to begin our Reiki practice, let us bring our breath to the top of our lungs.  To do this, fold the thumb into the palm of your hand, and gently curl your fingers over it.  Feel the breath entering though the heart and throat Chakras.

 I invite anyone who knows the Reiki symbols to draw them in the air, to fill this room with Reiki.  As we do that I will read Dr. Mikao Usui’s Reiki Ideals:

Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living being.

When you feel ready, open your eyes.


Integrative Spirit Walks
The more we are able to connect to our core self and to the Universe, the healthier we will be.  These connections strengthen our energetic self much like healthy food strengthens our physical body.  Integrative Spirit Walks combine Reiki with listening to your angels ,  spirit guides and other spirit helpers to give you insight into your life.

Though I believe in angels and spirit guides, I follow no specific religious dogma.  My religious path is love.  My goal is the energetic health of all  people. The Universe need not be called by any specific name—It speaks for Itself.   I am like a cell phone, to help communicate messages the Universe wishes to give. 

What happens during a Spirit Walk?

    You are greeted with a calm, welcoming atmosphere—candles, soft music.
    Sessions open with an intention to the Universe of hearing Its messages, and the welcoming of helpful energetic spirit guides and angels.
    You will be invited to explore how the Universe is working in your life.
    I will not give advice, but will be an attentive channel to the leading of the Universe and will help you hear Its messages.
    You will be invited to examine how the Universe is involved in your life.
    The Spirit Walk relationship is confidential.  Information will not be discussed outside of the relationship.
    I will not name the Universe or define the Universe for you.
    I will help you to become more aware of, and communicate with your spirit guides and angels.

My main goal in Spirit Walks and in teaching Reiki is to help people become more aware of their physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual selves and to become as self- sufficient in all areas as possible.  I do not foster dependence or share Reiki with the intent that the student becomes attached to me.  I share Reiki and messages from spirits in the hope of teaching students to do the same and empowering people to help themselves and others.
If you live in the Everett, WA area and are interested in a Spirit Walk, I’d be honored to explore that with you.  Click here to schedule an initial meeting.  My rates are reasonable, at $100.00 per hour.  I offer a phone or e-mail consultation for free. For a consultation, e-mail Spirit Walks last one  to one and a half hours.

Rune Readings

Runes are an ancient set of symbolic writing that have been used for centuries as intuitive tools.  Runes can be carved into rock, wood or glass and Rune card sets exist as well.  Runes are concerned with the energetic patterns of a person’s Life Path.  As such they aren’t used to predict the future.  They are used to help people consider the energetic path they created to arrive at the place where they are in the present and possible directions that path could lead them in the future.

An important aspect of Runes is the idea that karma is constantly changing and evolving.  Though the Runes are often carved in stone, your future isn’t!  Gaining the perspective to see how you have arrived at your present point can help you to change direction if need be or live more fully into life’s special moments.

I have been offering Rune readings online and at psychic fairs for several years.  I am available for private Rune readings also. 

I offer Rune readings for a donation.  As with the Reiki classes, my main goal is to help people become more self-aware and self-empowered.  I suggest people pay what they feel the reading is worth to them or trade equal goods or services. 

Heart Runes
I have developed a special form of Rune reading designed to reveal the overall energetic forces surrounding your life and overall life challenges and lessons.  This is called Heart Rune reading.  Usually I will pull just one Rune for this reading, and go into depth about the messages contained in the Runic wisdom about your life.

Heart Rune readings last about 20 minutes.  I include intuitive messages regarding the Heart Rune from your spirit guides and angels. As with the Rune Readings, Heart Rune Readings are offered for a donation. 

Chakra Rune Readings

Chakra Rune Readings were developed as I was writing my manuscript on Energetic Rune Usage.  I pull one Rune per Chakra, indicating what energies are being utilized by your body/mind/spirit, if any energies are reversed or blocked, and the flow of energy overall.  These powerful readings are precise tools you can use to shift, unblock or enhance the energies flowing through your life.  

The Singing Goddess:
Weddings, Funerals, Renewal of Vows, Commitment Ceremonies

As an ordained minister of the Universalist Life Church, with the official title of Goddess, I am pleased to officiate at weddings, funerals, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies.  As a nonChristian minister, I use nature-based ceremonies.  I also encourage participants to write their own vows.  I honor the beliefs of the participants and can tailor the ceremony to suit.

I also write wedding and faith-based songs that I have performed at weddings as a special gift to the participants. For a sample wedding song, click here.