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Reiki Blog
Monday, 11 February 2013
Reiki Encourages Growth
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reiki

Reiki Encourages Growth


Plants experience being in this world in a very different way than we do.  Because plants can't move as we can and as animals do, they live in a state of profound acceptance and peace.  In short, plants live in a state of reverence and openness.


This makes plants very responsive to vibrations like Reiki.

Reiki is a vibration of Lifeforce energy from the Universe that combines with our energy, whether we be human, animal, bird, fish or plant, to create harmony and balance.


I am a multi-level Reiki Master.  My training is in Usui/Tibetan, Crystal, Atlantean, Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian ™ Reiki among other things.  All of these Reiki levels and modalities have to do with vibrations.


Since plants can't move to show how they feel and since they don't feel emotions such as fear, envy or hate, they depend on vibration in a direct and visceral way.  Plants do have feelings like love, pain, joy, thirst.  These shared feelings create a bridge for us to communicate with our plants.  Reiki is a vibration that plants understand and that can help them grow at optimal levels.

Reiki is all about intention.  I believe that it is the intention of the plants to connect with the lifegiving energies of the Universe that is the catalyzing factor in photosynthesis. 


So, before you plant in the spring, or before you add new plants any time of year to your garden, set aside a few moments to send Reiki to your garden spot and to the seeds and plants you are adding.


Send Reiki when you water your plants.  Send Reiki as the seedlings begin to sprout, to support them at this stage of growth.  Send Reiki as the plants grow and bloom, and at harvest time. 


You can also walk among your plants each morning and evening, sending Reiki to them.  And don't forget, at the end of the season, as you put your plants to bed for the winter, send a Reiki blessing of thanks and gratitude for all the plants have given you.  Send Reiki to the earth and to the sky, to thank these elements for helping your plants to grow.  Send Reiki in the winter, as the plants sleep, to bless them in building their stores of energy for the growth season to come.


Sending Reiki in this way to your garden is one way to help your herbs and other plants to grow.  Since Reiki is a vibration, there are other ways we can send vibrations to our plants.  One way to understand vibrations that plants respond to is to compare plant photosynthesis to our own ability to discern color.


Light travels to us in frequencies.  We translate these frequencies into color and shape. Our discernment of color and shape is in a way our form of photosynthesis.  There are no tools needed, no explanation other than to help a young child to give names to what she is seeing when experiencing color for the first time.


This doesn't feed us in the same way plants are fed by the sun, but it does create an order so that we can organize our outer world.  Color and sound, too, are determined due to the ability of our eyes and ears to distinguish between different frequencies. 


 Timeframes also create an order that tell plant seeds when to sprout, grow, flower, produce fruit and once again return to the ground.

Want to know more about the frequencies that govern plant growth? Come to my Good Vibrations class in April.



Posted by slverkriss at 9:28 AM PST
Friday, 11 January 2013
Reiki & Grounding
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Now Playing: Help yourself stay grounded with Reiki
Topic: Reiki

Reiki Helps Us Feel Grounded


Life often throws unexpected details at us, which can throw off our sense of equilibrium.  One way to regain a sense of groundedness is through practicing Reiki.


Reiki is spiritually guided lifeforce energy that comes straight from the Source.  As such, Reiki energy is extremely supportive and grounding.  


Ways to Use Reiki for Grounding


To use Reiki for self-grounding:  


1) sit or lie in a comfortable position.  If the weather is warm enough, sit or lie on the ground outside.  Place your hands over your Heart Chakra and ask for a Reiki channel to be opened.  Once you feel the channel is open, express your thanks to the Universe.


Then channel Reiki, allowing the gentle Source energy to travel through your body.  Ask Reiki to help you to feel grounded and also to help you to trust that you will have the energetic and other resources that you need to handle all the aspects of your life.


2) If you need to ground while at work or in a public place, sit down if you can, and open a Reiki channel.  Ask your Reiki Guides to help you feel supported and stable.  Sit for 5 - 10 minutes as you channel Reiki, or until you feel grounded.


3) Another way to ground with Reiki is to walk barefoot.  As you walk on the beach or in your yard barefoot, open a Reiki channel and ask your Reiki Guides to help you feel supported and connected to the Earth and to all the aspects of your life.  Ask your Guides to open your feet Chakras and quietly observe the energy as it moves through your body.  


To help another person ground:


1) Ask the person for permission to share Reiki.  If you are in a public place, sit or stand beside the person and place your hands on her shoulders.  Open a Reiki channel and allow the energy to flow from Source, through you to the person.  Check in with the recipient to ascertain the level of grounding and share any messages of support that you receive from your Reiki Guides.


2) If you aren't in a place where you can place your hands on the recipient's shoulders, simply open a Reiki channel and place one of your hands over one of his hands.  I've done this in restaurants and other public places.  Channel Reiki, allowing the energy to flow from Source, through you, to them. 


As with the first method, share any messages of support you receive from your Reiki Guides.


You can also ask your Reiki Guides for grounding energy.  As you channel Reiki, move your hands over yourself or your recipient, whichever is appropriate, moving from the Heart Chakra to the lower Chakras and focusing on the Sacral, Root and feet or grounding Chakras.


You can add grounding stones such as jet, obsidian or red calcite to your grounding session and say affirmations such as, "I am fully supported by Divine Love in all aspects of my life" or "I accept grounding energy from Divine love and light now."


Say each affirmation three times.


Once you or your recipient feels grounded, send the Power Symbol to seal the session and perform Kenyoku to disconnect.





Posted by slverkriss at 1:07 PM PST
Tuesday, 4 December 2012
Reiki and Rising Vibrations
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reiki

Reiki Attunements help to raise your personal vibration.


Are you ready for the planetary/energetic alignments coming up in the next few weeks? There have been many of these, beginning decades ago, but intensifying from the end of 2010 through the end of this year.


The frequencies and planetary alignments coming on 12/12/12 and on 12/21/12 have not occurred in almost 26,000 years.  The energies from these events will be strong enough to continue to be felt and to continue to expand out into the world for the next three years.


My counseling supervisor, Anne DeVore, a brilliant Reiki Master teacher, has reminded me many times that whenever we learn a new level of Reiki and/or receive a Reiki attunement, we are raising our vibration.  This helps us in turn to learn to facilitate the flow of energy in our body/mind/spirit.  


As we allow higher frequency energies to flow through us, our motivations change.  Competing with others, for example, might not be as important to us as it once was.  Pleasing others and living up to others' expectations, also can seem unimportant.


 Simply put, our life focus shifts from being aware of human patterns, to being more aware of universal (both Earth-connected and galaxy-connected) patterns and the interplay of energies.  This perspective can be transformative because it gives us the ability to view what occurs from a non-personal perspective.


If, for example, someone chooses to target us and try to push our emotional buttons, we can see this from a personal perspective, and our responses will tend to be limited to a human, egoic pattern, since those are the energy threads available at that level of awareness.


Or, we can choose to look at the energies behind the actions, read those energy threads, which takes our own feelings out of the equation, which in turn opens us to a greater span of possible energy frequency responses.


Acting from this perspective can help us to remain calm and to realize that the person's actions are much more about them then they are about us.  This in turn can take the "fun" out of the targeting and at the very least, cause the troublemaker to look for another victim.


The frequencies coming to us in the next few weeks are all about learning to have a bigger perspective.  I suggest that if possible, you attend a ceremony, take time for meditation or create your own ceremony on 12-12-12 and 12-21-12.  


A practice such as Reiki can enhance your ability to channel the available positive energies.  You can also use stones such as Alexandrite to help your body/mind/spirit prepare, accept and adjust to the new-to-humankind energies.

Alexandrite is a lovely blue stone of gem quality. They have the energy of restoring the body to optimal levels. This makes Alexandrite an excellent choice to use in Reiki sessions, or to wear after surgery, illness or during times of transition.

One of Alexandrite's qualities is that of balance. This can help you to be able to allow the flow of energy through your life more freely, helping you to benefit from positive energies and higher frequencies.

To use in a Reiki session: Use Byosen Scanning to determine where the body/mind/spirit would like the energy of Alexandrite. Channel Reiki, remaining open for Words of Life from the Universe regarding higher vibrations, change and acceptance.

To use during energy shifts: Carry a piece of Alexandrite with you. If you attend a ceremony or invocation or visit a portal, hold the Alexandrite in the palms of your hands, and stand beneath the portal with your hands open. Say in your own words something like, "I accept these new higher frequencies or this new alignment with love and light and with all my heart, body and soul."

See, hear, feel or imagine the energies flowing through you to facilitate your integration of the new (to you) vibrations. Sleep with the Alexandrite under your pillow to facilitate the integration on a subconscious level. 


Remember that this raising of awareness and vibration is a natural occurrence.  This world was plunged into a controlling, limited mindset over 26,000 years ago by use of a disruptive frequency.  These gradual, repeated, supportive frequencies are bringing us and our world back into balance.

Posted by slverkriss at 8:28 AM PST
Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Creating A Sacred Space with Reiki
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Reiki is a way to connect with sentient, Source energy.  The word Reiki means universally guided lifeforce energy.  

Many sources, including Stephanie Phelps, author of The 7 Principles of Spiritual Practice,  emphasize the importance of a spiritual practice such as meditation, religion, Reiki, relaxation, or even a calming practice such as walking or gardening to add depth to our lives.

Practicing a spiritual pursuit also supports and feeds the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, connecting us both with our inner wisdom and with the wisdom of the Universe.  

As a spiritual practice, Reiki has many benefits.  It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, according to Massage Magazine.  Reiki helps relax the muscles, according to many sources including Kathy Lipinski's article titled, Reiki and the Helping Professions, Part II.

Reiki also opens channels that allow us more direct contact with spirit guided and helpers.  Colleen Bennelli published an excellent article in Reiki News magazine that discusses this aspect, titled Communicating with Our Reiki Guides

 All of the abovementioned aspects make Reiki a safe and healthy spiritual practice.  As we practice Reiki consistently, we send out waves of peace and calm into our home environment.  These waves of stability help to create a sacred space in our homes, offices as well as in our auras, where the sense of peace and safety can ripple out to others and urge them to create their own sacred spaces.

When I first moved to Everett, WA, our yard was a tangled mess that took three years to clear.  We literally didn't see the back part of our yard for three years.  As we cleared space we did so with the intention of creating a space where the plants would have room to reach the sun, where squirrels could continue using their treetop freeways and where the birds would have places to nest.

Because of this focus, we didn't just clear out what would be considered 'weeds'.  We chose carefully what to leave and what to cut back or remove. As we worked, my husband and I asked each section of yard, each plant, if it needed to stay or to go.

Invasive, non-native blackberries gave up their place willingly, while native salmonberries held their spaces as if their roots grew all the way to the center of the Earth.

A natural ring of trees about 2/3rds of the way back in our yard formed what we called the "Reiki woods".  In the summer we hold ceremonies, Reiki circles and drum circles there.

As the years went by, the land relaxed.  The sense of snarled energy was released, and a gentle rhythm of the cycles of nature was restored. As I sat with a friend last spring in our back yard, I noticed that most of the grass had been replaced by a lovely little purple flowering  plant.

I looked up the plant online and discovered that it was called woundwort, or heal all. I smiled, knowing that my desire to create a sacred space in my home and yard had become a reality.  In obvious ways, like when I intentionally slow down and allow the woods and yard to speak to me, and in quiet ways, like the little plants that choose to creep into our awareness and declare by their presence that all who come to this place will be healed.

This, to me, is not only what my practice of Reiki has been, but what the spirit of Reiki is.  A clear path to healing.  Only our conditioning and limiting beliefs hold back our potential to be in balance. By creating a sacred space with Reiki, I had created a sacred space in the most important place of all--myself.


Posted by slverkriss at 9:03 AM PDT
Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Reiki and Re-Membering
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Topic: Reiki
A channeled message on the Extraterrestrials web site by Gillian-Macbeth Louthan had some important reminders about Reiki II.

In Reiki II we are introduced to the Distant Symbol and the reminder that we don't need permission to access the Akashic Records.  

The channeled message said:

<<You each hold and house records of what has been, records of what will come, records that exist akashically and inter-dimensionally. You hold within you ancient truths that float to the surface of your humanness confusing the five senses. Use these escaped truths as a platform, a base, and a Voice. Decree precisely your heart thoughts, that which you seek, Bypassing the chaos of manifestation. 

Do you see what that means?  You hold and house your records.  Yes, I and others like me can help you to re-learn how to access those records but this is not meant to create a dependency.  

As in Reiki I where the Power of the Universe is literally placed in your hands, Reiki II builds on that knowledge by giving you Symbols to balance your emotional body and by reminding you that there is no limit to where you can go and what you can access.  

This is an extremely important, empowering aspect of Reiki practice.  As Louthan also states:

<<You inherently hold all questions and all answers simultaneously. When you have a completed thought that involves a person’s decisions, a place, or disease, or injustice – your light essence is asking you to add your thoughts of completion to it in order to move it forward into a place of positive outcomes. Do not hold on to the negativity / injustice or ask why the problem situation was created to begin with.>>

Yes!  You do have all the answers!  The bottom line with Reiki sessions is support, and self empowerment.  

We are here to help you to remember.  So that you can be empowered and help others to remember.  And the beat goes on. .. . .

Posted by slverkriss at 8:08 AM PDT
Wednesday, 23 May 2012
Sending Reiki Lullabies
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Topic: Reiki

Mikao Usui, the Japanese man who rediscovered Reiki in the early 1900s, knew that he was working with intelligent Lifeforce energy.  As such, he knew that he was privileged to work with this energy. 

He did not discover it, nor did he own the energy we have come to call Reiki.

 As he developed his Reiki clinics, he worked closely with Dr. Hayashi, who created a healing guide of recommended hand positions and systemic body connections to help Reiki practitioners focus their intent on the Reiki recipent's systems.  Sensei Usui also expressed to Dr. Hayashi that Reiki must continue to grow and change.

Dr. Hayashi promised to continue to develop understanding of Reiki.  All of this information as well as the Hayashi Healing Guide is published in William Lee Rand's Reiki: the Healing Touch: First and Second Degree Manual, published by Vision Publications, 1991. 

Reiki has continued to grow and evolve over the years.  Evidence of this is present in the Karuna (tm) Reiki system that was developed by William Rand and others in 1995, the Ra-Sheeba Reiki system inspired by the teachings of Peter and Eileen Caddy in 1982 and the Lightarian(tm) Reiki system that was chenneled by Jeannine Marie Jelm in 1997.

As I have worked with Reiki, I have experienced several ways in which this intelligent, sentient Source energy is continuing to share Itself with humanity in previously unknown ways.

One way that Reiki is continuing to help us to understand Itself and Its energy is by the use of what I have come to call "Reiki Lullabies."

Before I talk about Reiki Lullabies, I need to make another connection.  As you saw above, the Reiki communications are all channelled communications that create a beneficial connection between Source energy and humanity.

I developed the Reiki Lullabye technique through channeled messages from one of my energetic students. By energetic students I literally mean children who communicate to me solely through telepathy.  This is an ancient technique that our society has long ago forgotten.  Our early ancestors viewed what we call 'extra' sensory abilities with the same importance as our own emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic.  

In addition to what we would recognize as academic subjects, our starseed ancestors had classes in meditation, telepathy, telekinesis and other etheric arts.

What happened for me is that since I have been an open channel all my life, as I re-learned the connections and information on the Reiki path, children, some of them very young, began to contact me via telepathy.

One in particular has been an extremely strong connection.  I have also had the privilege of working with this child's mother, to substantiate the messages sent and received.  It was this child who asked me to start singing lullabies via remote.

In Reiki II we learn to send Reiki energy over distance.  We learn, or re-learn, the concept that time and space is a construct created to give humanity a sense of boundaries, but it is our perception of it that gives it substance.  Removing the need for the barriers of time and space alloows us to send the healing, balancing energies of the Universe anywhere, anywhen.

So, when my energetic student asked me to sing him lullabies via distance, I used the same principles taught in Reiki level II to send the energies of the songs over time and space.

He chose the songs, even the color of the notebook that the songs were placed in, his mother's favorite color.  I was able to receive feedback from his mother about the effect of the songs on him.  That encouraged me to expand the sending of Reiki lullabies to others on my distant Reiki list.

Through feedback from this list, I have been able to determine that the energy of the songs has been felt across Europe, Asia and the United States.

This technique has been so helpful that I have added it to my Reiki II classes.  Just as students can feel the difference between the energy of the Power, Mental/Emotional and Distant Symbols, so they can feel the difference when we simply sing a chosen song, from when we open a Reiki channel and sing the chosen song over that channel.

How to send Reiki lullabies.

Sending Reiki lullabies is very similar to sending Distant Reiki.  

1) Write down a list of names of people who have expressed interest in receving the energy of Reiki lullabies.

2) Open a Reiki channel, using Gassho and Reiji-ho (First and Second Pillars of Reiki).

3) Send the Distant Symbol over the list.  Then send the Power and Mental/Emotional Symbols.  If you are a Reiki Master or higher, send the Usui and Tibetan Master Symbols, and  Karuna (tm) Sumbols as you feel led.

4) Sing the songs with feeling and with the intent to send the energy of the songs to the recipients.  Don't worry whether you think you can sing or not. Everyone has a voice.

5) Close the session by saying three times, "I seal this Reiki lullabye session with love and light."

6) End with Kenyoku to disconnect your energy from those on your list.  You can also send the Distant Symbol again to keep the energy of the lullabies flowing for several hours.



 Caddy, Peter and Eileen, Ra-Sheeba Reiki System, Wangaratta, Australia, 1982.

Jelm, Jeanine Marie, Lightarian Reiki Training, Lightrarian Reiki Institute, Tucson, AZ, 2002. 

Rand, William, Reiki: The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual Vision Publications, Southfield, MI, 1991.

Rand, William, Registered Karuna Reiki (tm) Master Training Manual, Vision Publications, Southfield, MI, 1995. 

Posted by slverkriss at 9:34 AM PDT
Monday, 9 April 2012
5 Myths About Reiki
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reiki
Reiki is a specific, focused way to connect to Source energy that involves the use of Symbols and channeled energy.

Though there are many schools of Reiki, all of our modern ties go back to Sensei Mikao Usui, born in August, 1865.  Sensei Usui knew that Reiki was an energy signature that came from the Source, and as such, that it could not harm anyone.

Since his death, Reiki has continued to reveal itself to Reiki practitioners in many ways,  In some cases, this has led to misconceptions about the nature of Reiki.  Here are five common Reiki Myths:

1) The most common Reiki myth that I've heard or seen written is that 
Reiki energy comes from the Reiki Practitioner.  This is not true.  The Reiki Practitioner is a hollow reed, channeling Reiki from the Source to the recipient or to the self.  Though there is a human connection, that human connection is not the source of healing energy.

2) The Reiki Mental/Emotional Symbol Causes emotional upset.  This is also not true.  Reiki is sentient energy that goes to the cause of the issues presented by the body/mind/spirit through the Byoki or unhealthy body energy.  The Mental/Emotional Symbol represents balanced yin/yang energy.  This can mean that emotional issues can come up when using this Symbol, but those issues are symptoms that need attention, not due to the use of the Mental/Emotional Symbol.  Simply remaining present to the emotions that arise and continuing to send Reiki until the waves of emotion pass can be very supportive.

3) Reiki isn't safe to share with pregnant women.  Reiki is sentient Source energy.  It cannot harm anyone or anything.  When I share Reiki with a pregnant woman, I simply ask permission of the mother and the baby before I begin.  Asking permission from the baby is similar to sending Distant Reiki.  Perform your first two Pillars of Reiki with both mother and baby, waiting until you sense that you have permission to share Reiki with both.  Babies are closer to the Universe than adults so they generally will accept Reiki.  If you ever encounter a baby who does not want to accept Reiki, remember that Reiki will respect that boundary and the baby will not be affected by the Reiki energy at all.

4) Reiki is intrusive.  This idea comes from the fact that images and channeled messages from Spirit Guides often come up in Reiki sessions.  Before I begin a Reiki session, I ask the recipient if she wants to hear any messages that come through.  If yes, I share the messages as I channel Reiki. If no, I communicate silently in response to the messages, as a way of supporting the process.  Reiki itself will not intrude on a person's boundaries or free will.

5) Reiki equals instant healing.  Though this can happen, the speed of a person's healing depends on their ability and readiness to connect deeply with the Reiki energy.  If a physical issue is tied to several emotional issues, for example, it may take several or even many sessions for the body to remember how to balance the issues and heal itself.  If you have a Reiki session and don't feel immediately better, it doesn't mean the Reiki practitioner is unskilled.  The challenge in these situations is to learn to communicate on a deeper level with your own body/mind/spirit.  As you get to know yourself better, you will be able to clear your physical and emotional issues one by one.

This example also illustrates one of the most empowering aspects of Reiki.



Posted by slverkriss at 9:39 AM PDT
Tuesday, 20 March 2012
Reiki and Body Energy Communication
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reiki

Reiki is sentient Source energy that anyone can call upon at any time to remind the cells how to function at optimal levels.  As I channel Reiki in sessions, I hold space for the communication between the body and the Universe to occur.

In holding that space, there is the opportunity to speak to the body, to the various organs, muscles and other aspects of each unique being, and to teach the person seeking Reiki to speak to their own body/mind/spirit on deeper and deeper levels.

For example, if someone comes in with shoulder pain, as Reiki is channeling into the person's being, as the communication with the Universe is occurring, I also communicate in words and tones to the affected area.  I might ask the shoulder if there has been too much responsibility in life, for example.  Perhaps there has been too much structure, resulting in a feeling of being restricted or hampered. Perhaps thers hasn't been enough support.

As each aspect is explored, the body continues to send its Byoki or body energy, up into the auric field to be read and responded to.  One indication might be that a grounding tone sent through a bell, gong, tuning fork or by voice, actually creates more tension instead of relaxation.

In those cases, the grounding can appear to the body to be constrictive instead of calming.  So I would look deeper, speak more to the body  and try tones that speak to the etheric fields, such as a full moon tone or perhaps a Jupiter tone which is expansive and opening.

Ultimately, the body itself decides how and when it will heal.  As a Reiki practitioner, I have the honor and privilege of facilitating the process, of guiding and reminding my clients how to communicate with the wondrous being called the self.


Posted by slverkriss at 9:32 AM PDT
Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Using Reiki for Stress Management & Relaxation
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Topic: Reiki
We hear a lot about stress reduction, stress management, and techniques for reducing stress.  These are all reminders that stress is part of our lives.

The goal is not to eliminate stress, as a certain amount of stress or pressure is  necessary to keep us moving.  Without just enough stress on our system, our heart wouldn't continue to beat and our lungs wouldn't continue to take in air.

What this means is that we need challenges in our lives to provide a sense of structure and purpose.  I like to think of the stresses in my life as forms of structure because looking at life's challenges in that way helps me to see stress in a more positive light.

Often when we talk about stress, we express our experiences as suffering, or difficult.  An archaic meaning of "suffering" just means "experiencing."  And experiencing is what we are incarnated into this and all lifetimes.

Have you ever climbed a mountain or gone on a long walk or hike?  Probably somewhere along the way your body became tired, or you became thirsty or hungry and you longed for the ordeal to be over.  But once you reached your journey's end, do you remember feeling the sense of exhilaration and accomplishment?

Just as you would physically prepare for a hike, mountain climb or marathon, you can use Reiki to energetically prepare and support yourself when you are facing stress. 

Here is how I help myself prepare for each day:

1) Each morning I thank all of my Spirit Guides, Angels and Helpers.
2) I give myself self-Reiki.
3) I send blessings to all the people I know.
4) I send blessings to institutions, countries, etc. that need love & light.
5) I focus on as many specific individuals as possible.  These are people who are undergoing stress.
6) I draw and activate all the Reiki Symbols I know in the 6 directions and on myself.
7) If the energy of the day turns out to be stressful, I send more Reiki as needed.
8) At the end of each day, I take a few moments to give myself more self Reiki and thank the Spirit Guides. Angels and Helpers for seeing me and others through the day.
9) I reinforce the energetic boundaries around my home, yard and neighborhood for a safe and peaceful night's sleep.
10) Then I TRUST that my requests have been heard and that the Will of the Universe will be played out in my life and the lives of all of the others I've sent energy to.

This might seem like a simple list but it is very helpful as a foundation for relieving my perception of stress, because it gives me a sense of being supported in all that I do and reminds me that whatever happens in each day  is exactly what is supposed to happen.

You might choose a different way of managing stress, but this is one way that Reiki can help to see you through each day.






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Upcoming Reiki Practices & Classes

Reiki Meetup Photo 2

Reiki Practice Sessions

Reiki Practice Sessions are held on the first Monday and the 3rd Saturday of each month.
Suggested donation:  $5 - $20

Wednesday, February 1, 7 - 9 PM
Saturday, February 18, 6 - 8 PM
Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 7 - 9 PM

Upcoming Reiki Class:

Reiki I Class Sunday, March 4, 9 AM - 3 PM
Cost:  FREE except for $20 for a Reiki I/II Manual

Reiki II Class:

Sunday, March 11, 9 AM - 3 PM
Cost:  $100 ( a $250 value)

Reiki Master Class:

Saturday, March 31 and Sunday April 1: 
9 AM - 4 PM BOTH days.  This is a 2-day class.
Cost: $300 (an $875 value) includes Reiki Master manual

FREE lunch and healthy snacks included with each class.

Special Announcement:

Rising Spirals Reiki is now able to offer Continuing Education Units to Massage Practitioners!

6 units for Reiki I or II
14 units for Reiki Master
21 units for Karuna (tm) Reiki Master


Posted by slverkriss at 9:23 AM PST
Monday, 9 January 2012
Starting Your Own Reiki Practice Group
Mood:  bright
Topic: Reiki

When I received my Reiki II training, I was so excited to share the wonderful energetic gift of Reiki that I started a monthly Reiki share.  I started with a Reiki Share on a Saturday, then added a Wednesday share to give more peopel an opportunity to come.
The way I created my Reiki Share was to join Meetup.  Meetup links likeminded people to events in the community and costs about $75 twice a year.  At that time I didn't know any Reiki practitioners except for the students in my Reiki classes, so using Meetup was a great way for me to meet others interested in Reiki. 

Over the years of hosting Reiki Meetups, I've made many good friends, found clients and students and have been blessed with many, many wonderful Reiki shares.

Creating a Reiki Meetup is easy--just go to the site, join, and create your own Reiki share.  
How I "run" my Meetups:
I find it helpful to begin the Meetups with a meditation, and after that I express a few guidelines.

I keep the guidelines simple:

1) People new to Reiki will be guided by myself or my husband, or another Reiki Master if other Masters are there, as to how to experience and express the sharing of the energy.
2) We focus on the person on the table as we share, on their energy, etc. Not just talk.  My husband is often guilty of launching into a story about work, etc. that is somewhat energetic but off topic so I have to remind him often of this rule.  SInce I have created many friends through the Meetups, the sessions can turn into the "coffee klatch" if I also don't remind people to focus on the energy being shared.

To help them do that, I ask people at various positions on the body what they are feeling, and communicate with the person on the table about what they are sensing as well.

3) I offer snacks but ask that no one eats over the person on the table.

4) I remind people that all info shared when the person is on the table is confidential, not subjects to be discussed away from the Meetup.

5) I have a Reiki box out for donations, and have found when a lot of new people come that I need to remind people that it costs time and money to host a Reiki Meetup so the small suggested donation of $5 is important, also a way to have an energetic exchange and honor the spirit of Reiki.

An issue that has come up is that when people feel that they are friends that they don't have to donate any more.  But I do gently remind them that it costs money to host the events, to set aside the time for practiced and to have an account on Meetup, etc. so a nominal donation at leasts allows me to break even.  
The focus of the Meetups is not to make profits, but is to share Reiki with the community, provide students and other Practitioners with a way to practice and receive Reiki and also to give me a way to promote my Reiki business.

I also advertise the Meetups on Facebook, since they are considered a social connection and not marketing.  I share several times a week also on Twitter and LinkedIn about Reiki in general, and I have a monthly e-newsletter where I list the classes, Meetups and other events.
Starting your own Reiki practice is also convenient, since people come to you.  
Reiki on! 

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