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Great New Fantasy Series on e-Book!
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
WOW!!! Book II of Great New Fantasy Series now Availalbe!!!
Mood:  a-ok

At the end of Book I, Deila, Jaime, the brownbird and Falimar were beginning a perilous journey traveling through strange and unknown territories to find the fabled land of Brodantia, birthplace of Prince Falimar, Deila's beloved unicorn-horse friend.


Book II: Journey to Brodantia, opens with the four friends beginning their long journey.

 Along the way, the trio encounters dangerous cat creatures, treacherous swamps and thorny forests and of course, the dreaded Fadrel. The brownbird undergoes transformations, becoming a Bronzebird and finally a golden First Bird, from the Earliest Dawns.  Deila, too, undergoes many changes as she discovers her true self.

In the mysterious Forest of Verd, the fadrel horsenaps Falimar.  Though Deila and Jaime use Gran's special silver whistle to call a white wolf pack of the Brotherhood of Golden Hairs to help them, all is nearly lost.  The fadrel doesn't just want Falimar's life energy.  He wants to steal the unicorn Prince's birthright--the power of the karkadan--and use this special power to conquer the world.


Read Journey to Brodantia to see how Deila, Jaime, the First Bird and Falimar get out of that mess and finally arrive at the fabled land of Brodantia. 

Posted by slverkriss at 1:40 PM EDT
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Thursday, 1 April 2010
Announcing a Great New Fantasy Series on E-book!
Mood:  bright

Deila Weaver's life was perfect.

She lived on a huge flax farm, had a wonderful blind Gran who wove fantastic linen tapestries using her Inner Eye, the gentle plow horse, Molly, her Da, Skalle and her tutor, Mr. Hiles to keep her company.

All that changed when Molly's newborn foal was killed by a mysterious creature that ate the flesh of its victims and left only the hide and bones.

Deila's Da, Skalle, was so angry when he found  the dead foal that he blamed Deila.  When Mr. Hiles defended her, Skalle fired him.  Now all Deila had were the vast, dry flax fields and the drab brownbird that the flatlanders claimed brought much-needed rain.

Until a strange storm blew across the fields and two unicorns appeared leaving a strange white foal in Molly's stall.

Read all about it:  The Land Behind the Veil:  Brownbird's Luck, available as an e-book from AKW Books: 

Posted by slverkriss at 5:16 PM EDT
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