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The Land Behind the Veil

A Fantasy Series by Kriss Erickson

I believe that there are worlds beyond what our senses can discern. As a child, I stayed up all night waiting for the Easter Bunny to hop over our back fence. I saw fairies drinking dewdrops from strawberry leaves on summer mornings. I heard Rudolph's hooves on our roof on Christmas Eve.

When I read about unicorns, my imagination went far beyond the pure yet nearly powerless images portrayed in many historical discussions about these beautiful horned horselike creatures. Unicorns heal and purify; yet they are portrayed as creatures so delicate that they can only exist in idyllic settings. Perhaps our own impurities separate us from unicorns.

My unicorns and my fantasyland, Brodantia, are feeling the repercussions of hundreds of years (or “seasons” as they call them) of separation from the rest of the world. Even timeless beauty fades in a vacuum. The unicorns have something special—outside the control and beyond the experiences of mortals. But they are so separate from those who need them, how can they give?

No story would be complete without a really wicked villain.

The impure form of a unicorn must be as dark as the pure form is light. A unicorn Prince becomes dark or `fell' when he steals Lifeforce--life energy--from Brodantia's creatures. Eventually he takes Lifeforce from the unicorns' brother race, the elves of the Yodel Forest. He becomes a black unicorn called a fadrel. He's banished into the mortal lands, which the unicorns call Without. The unicorns erect a Veil of magic around Brodantia (hence the series' title: Land Behind the Veil).

To read the excerpt from chapter 1 of Book I: The Land Behind the Veil: Brownbird's Luck, click here.

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