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In a misty land, long ago, and far away, lived a lovely girl-child of fourteen. Her lineage was as mysterious as the mountain range that loomed over the valley where she lived. Her father grew flax, and her grandmother, “The Dark Weaver”, wove the linen into beautiful tapestries, some with strange powers. This was their only means of a living. Deila tended the animals on the small farm and helped “Gran” with the weaving.

One night everything changed when a foal was born to the dray horse and by morning was taken from them by an evil creature.

38,000 words (approximately 143 pages in paperback form)


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Books II and III of this series are also available!

After Deila meets Jaime and escapes with Falimar to return the young unicorn prince to the fabled land of Brodantia, the friends must fight many battles and escape Jaime and Deila's Da's, then swim in the Sea of Yo to reach the unicorn homeland.  But once there, their struggles aren't over.

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In Book III, Inner Unicorn, Falimar must connect with his deepest self and reclaim his unicorn powers, including the legendary power of the Karkadan, to defeat the evil fadrel and to return the land to balance and  harmony.

The above link is the Amazon page for the series.  The next 3 links are for books I, II and III, respectively.


Here's a great review for Book III:  Inner Unicorn:

<<Book III of my fantasy series, Inner Unicorn, just got a great review on Amazon!

If you've read the book and not written a review, it would help me a lot if you would do so. I do have a Book IV and more planned in my head, but need enough of an audience to make that feasible. 

So, no disappointments or dead ends, in Book III! The foreshadowing at the end is intentional and I have written Book IV in my head already. :-)

Here is the review:

<<5.0 out of 5 stars A Wondrous & Exciting Fantasy October 21, 2012
By Samuel J. White
The third book in Kriss Erickson's "The Land Behind the Veil" series builds up on its predecessors to be an action packed, intriguing, and breath taking fantasy story the tradition of the C.S. Lewis. And I mean that in the best way possible.

It hits the ground running, starting out the very day after the end of "Journey to Brodantia" (which didn't go so well for our heroes) with Delia, Jamie, and Falimar/Frost being quickly captured. They are enslaved by Jamie's greedy father, but soon gain new friends and plan to escape. But they have to be careful and quick. Not only must they deal with the Rivermaster, but they have an even bigger problem with the dark forces of Lazan the Fadrel.

Erickson has a gift for characterization & dialog that gives many of the characters a lot of personality. There are a lot of fun or moving interactions among the cast. She also has a great imagination that creates a lovely and mysterious world where anything can happen. There are some cool actions scenes. And throughout the story she deftly tackles themes of being who you are meant to be no matter what life throws at you, seeing the good in other & bringing it out, redemption & reconciliation, and inner strength.

If I have any faults with the story, it's a slight problem with exposition & summarizing. I understand it has to go somewhere, but sometimes it felt like the reader was being reminded of past events too often, though it mainly depended on what was talked about and when. And as an unfortunate side effect of being the last book in the series, a certain plot point sadly ends up becoming a red herring.

Miss Erickson deserves a lot of credit for The Land Behind the Veil series. With it she has a created a fantasy story that is as fantastical as it is deep. Not only does it provide a grand and fun adventure worthy of The Chronicles Narnia, it imparts some really great morals for readers to carry with them. I kinda wish someone would make a movie or TV mini-series out of it...>>

Thank you to Samuel J White for an excellent, thoughtful review.>>