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When I was little, my mother played George Shearing records hour after hour. If you aren't familiar with his work, George Shearing is a blind English Jazz artist who has written over 300 compositions. My earliest memories were filled with his artful fingers dancing across the piano keys. Though I haven't written anywhere near as many musical compositions as Shearing, being bathed in his music at an early age gave me a love of good music, and showed me how music can seep past pain and loss and soothe parts of me that I couldn't feel.

I've prepared a CD of 14 original songs that give words to many controversial subjects: child abuse, social injustice and abandonment. My music can be found on CD Baby, or on the Apple iPod site, by clicking one of the following links:

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Sample lyrics:


She claims that she can't feel
As she nurses wounds that won't heal.
She tries to be strong
But inside she's all wrong.

She looks like she's all right
As the darkness bleeds away her light
Still she grips life's broken shards
She's still keeping up her guard.

She's shattered,
Blood runnin' hot and warm
She's reeling
From feeling
The affects of all the harm
Sometimes holding it together
Hurts more than healing
But that depends on whether
Or not she's feeling.

She walks like her feet are rooted to the ground.
As he soul screams without the slightest sound
Her head and her heart are floating in the sky
Oh, if only she could fly!

Living deep within her mind is all she knows
She couldn't be more lost, even if she let is show
It feels good to be blind, to flee from the unkind.
She likes being lost, no matter what the cost.

Copyright 2006 by Kriss Erickson

Walking Wounded

Movin' though life
Walking wounded
Goin' through the motions
Out of time
Too soon dead

Do you see that I am
Walking wounded
Do you see the pain in my eyes?
Or do you write your own words

Oh, does the emptiness in my eyes scare you?
Is it too close to what you feel?
Don't you know my shards of pain
Cut me deeper
When you turn away?
But I keep on walking anyway.
I'm walking
Walking wounded.

As I move along
Walking wounded
Wanting to reach out
Touch your heart
Even though I'm
Walking wounded

I'm still walking
I'm movin' on.
What should I say?
Should I speak my mind
Or should I say
That it's OK?
That I'm not really
Walking wounded.

I'm walking, walking, walking
Walking wounded.

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Kriss Erickson
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