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Jeanette Bakke quoted from a Robert Frost poem in the introduction to her book, Holy Invitations:

“But yield who will to their separation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.
And the work is play for mortal stakes,
Is the deed ever really done,
For heaven and the future's sakes.”

--Robert Frost, Two Tramps in Mud Time

What Is Spiritual Direction?

As Jeanette Bakke put it, “. . .spiritual direction is neither exclusively spiritual nor particularly directive.” Spiritual direction helps to switch our focus from ourselves to our connection to all that is good--to things beyond our understanding. The inescapability of our connection to the Divine is a focus in spiritual direction. That reality gives comfort through the knowledge that we're never totally alone. I don't follow any specific religious path, nor do I insist that the Universe be called by any specific name. I prefer to let encounters with the Universe be as spontaneous as possible. Thus, I will not interpret for directees what the Universe is saying in their lives. I will instead create a space where the directee can feel comfortable as she or he opens to Universal encounters.

What can a directee expect from spiritual direction?

  • The director may light candles or play soft music to set a tone of quiet listening.
  • The director may begin the session with silence, meditation, prayer, or a combination.
  • The director will be open to both the directee and to the Holy.
  • The director will invite the directee to explore how the Holy is working in his or her life.
  • The director will not give advice, but will be attentive to the leading of the Holy.
  • The director will invite the directee to examine how the Holy has been involved in his or her life.
  • The director will be open to hearing the directee, but will not push into areas the directee chooses not to explore.
  • The spiritual direction relationship is confidential. Information shared in direction will not be discussed outside of that relationship.
  • The director will not name the Holy or define the Holy for the directee.
  • The director will seek personal direction and supervision each month.
  • The director may come from any religion. Directees may choose a director from their religious tradition, or from a different religious base.
  • The Holy is asked to be present and to influence the direction relationship.
  • The Holy, not the director, leads each session, making the director more of a channeler than a counselor or spiritual authority.

If you've been thinking about the spiritual side of your life, or have been wondering where the Holy is leading, you may choose to explore these areas with the help of a spiritual director.

If you'd like to learn more about spiritual direction, here is a short list of books that I've found helpful:

Holy Invitations: Jeanette A. Bakke

Prayer: Richard J. Foster

Listening to the God Who Speaks: Klauss Bockmuehl

The Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction: William A. Barry and William J. Connolly

The Gentle Love of the Holy Spirit: A. B. Simpson

The Presence: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit: Arnold Prater

Gently God Comforts: Marie Shropshire

Group Spiritual Direction: Rose Mary Dougherty, S.S.N.D.

Spirituality and Liberation: Robert McAfee Brown

If you live in the Everett, WA area and are interested in exploring a spiritual direction relationship from a nonChristian point of view, I'd be honored to explore that with you. Click here to schedule an initial meeting. My spiritual direction rates are reasonable, at $35.00 per hour. I offer the first spiritual direction session for free. Spiritual direction meetings usually occur once a month.

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Kriss Erickson
Page Last Revised: April 28, 2007